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    Services - Asset Management

    Asset Management is the steward of the company’s owned and/or managed assets. Our Asset managers oversee and analyze the overall performance and operations of the assets within the various portfolios, ensure that the objectives of our partners and The Gale Company are carried out, and strive to optimize asset efficiency. These goals are achieved through the interaction and integration of all Gale Company divisions and the asset manager's role as the primary liaison between our partners and The Gale Company.

    Asset Management’s responsibilities may be generally grouped into four categories:

    During the acquisition of assets, Asset Management will have a role in contract negotiations, due diligence, and the closing process. Asset Management will also influence and execute the initial financing of the asset.

    Holding Period
    Throughout the holding period, Asset Management’s responsibilities include oversight of the performance of each asset, updating the financial underwriting models, overseeing the budget process, and reporting the results of operations. Asset Managers will assist in critical decision-making matters regarding financing, leasing, property management, and capital improvements. Annual business plans will be developed that highlight future strategy and summarize past performance. Any issues or problems will be addressed, properly communicated and resolved timely.

    Refinancing & Disposition
    Asset Management has primary responsibility to ensure compliance with loan agreements and is the primary liaison with the lender. Asset Management will make recommendations to senior management on refinancings and sales, analyzing the merits of each position. In the case of refinancing, Asset Management will determine the appropriate debt product, seek out potential lenders and quarterback the selection process.

    Asset Management advises the owner when it is the optimum time to dispose of an asset. If the decision is made to sell the property, Asset Management will assist in the selection of the broker and in the bidding process. As in the case of acquisitions, it will again have a primary role in contract negotiations, due diligence and the closing process. A final analysis of the asset is then prepared.

    Specialized Projects
    Asset Management provides many specialized services in conjunction with the various Gale Company divisions. Examples of recurring services include negotiation and monitoring of real estate tax assessments and tenant credit reviews.

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