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    The Gale Company is an equal opportunity employer offering exciting challenges, a fantastic work environment, and opportunity for growth.

    Project Spotlight - GlaxoSmithKline

    In May of 2001, The Gale Company was awarded a contract to provide Front of House Services for GlaxoSmithKline’s global corporate headquarters in Brentford, Middlesex. The prestigious assignment encompassing the existing locations in Brentford, as well as the new 750,000 square-foot global corporate headquarters, which will accommodate over 3,000 employees, started occupancy during the third quarter 2001.

    Prior to contract award, The Gale Company’s approach to the assignment took on five distinct phases. The first step was to undertake a full and detailed evaluation and liability assessment. This enabled us to make considered decisions in relation to structures and operational requirements. The second step was a “roadshow”. The Gale Company used this to exchange information by hosting a series of “get to know you” sessions. GlaxoSmithKline was introduced to who The Gale Company was, as well as examples of clients under management and services the company provides.

    The final three phases consisted first of one-on-one sessions. The Gale Company became more involved in individual issues relating to job functions. These sessions were offered to potential transferring employees. The fourth phase concerned contingency plans. While some employees were still delaying with decisions about severance packages, The Gale Company made sure the operation would continue to run smoothly. By working with a number of recruitment agencies and standby labor, any issues where decisions were still being made on the day of transfer would not get in the way. Finally, integration of new employees took place. All new hires were given time to acquaint themselves with the operations of The Gale Company. An induction program, enabling employees to become fully integrated into The Gale Company followed. One of The Gale Company’s greatest strengths is that of its employees. These “passionate professionals” are the ambassadors of our world-class customer service and philosophy. We approach any assignment with the sensitivity that we are dealing with real people and real decisions. Our goal is to treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve.

    The Gale Company provides a range of services including Events Management, Reception, Facility Helpdesk, Conference Bookings, Switchboard, Porterage, Audio-visual and Logistics, Loading Bay Management, Video Conferencing, Bookings and Support, Tour- Guides and Librarians. The above-mentioned disciplines are very active in the front line operations of the property and providing hospitality-style services to all customers, building occupants and guests.

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